KellyAccessories jewelry has a warranty period of 6 (six) months from the date of purchase.

The warranty applies to the fitting of stones, and hidden manufacturing defects. Abrasion of rhodium
coatings and gilding is not a defect (natural wear-and-tear) and can not be restored under the warranty,
the product can be covered again in the jewelry service for a fee. The warranty does not apply to
products that have been subjected to mechanical effect that caused a change in the original shape of
the product and problems with studs. To resolve disputes about the occurrence of defects, the Seller
has the right to engage an independent examination.

Kelly Accessories recommends:
1 Carefully store jewelry separately from each other, in bags or cases.
2 Avoid mechanical impacts (contact with other decorations, door handles, car steering wheel, etc.), as
this can accelerate the abrasion of the rhodium coating and loss of color.
3 Avoid getting chemicals, cosmetics, etc. on jewelry. Remove jewelry when doing household chores,
playing sports, or taking a shower.
4 Properly care for (remove dirt: wash the product in a warm soap solution, rinse with clean water,
wipe dry and Polish with a flannel cloth).




  • When you are not using your jewelry, please put it in special boxes or wrap it in a soft cloth.
  • Avoid contacting jewelry with cosmetics and chemicals: perfume, acetone, hand cream, bleach, dishwashing detergents, as they can damage your products, leave a mark on them or change the color.
  • Due to the presence of salt water or chlorine in the pools, it is recommended to remove jewelry before swimming.